Ring app on Nvidia shield pro

I’ve looked everywhere on the internet, for different ways off installing the ring app on my nvidia shield. I can’t find anything. There is a video on YouTube on installing nest on it but that’s not doing me any good. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Ring app is apparently for mobile devices only. Install the ‘Ring’ app on your phone or tablet? Then send the app from your tablet or phone to your Shield. I have moved a few apps using the Send Anywhere app to my Shield and have found some successes in doing so.

I did find this app on the Play Store.

Ring - Always Home - Apps on Google Play

Here is a link for more detailed Ring info.

Downloading and Updating the Ring App – Ring Help

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I was able to get it transferred with your method. The issue I’m having now says my default browser is not supported.

On your phone you may want to try the following. I installed it to control my TV and Soundbar without physical remotes and to gain access to features not available on the physical remote.

Best bet is to install the Silk browser