Rii wireless mini keyboard remote

good morning,
I gave my daughter my ARNU MACH 12 box but i lost the remote that it came with,
so I order a Rii 8 wireless mini keyboard remote would she be able turn on the android box using this or do i have to buy a similar remote that it came with…

Any help would appreciate

There are two different versions of the remote. One has Bluetooth, the other one doesn’t. The one that doesn’t, comes with a remote USB plugin, which will allow you to connect to the box if the box has a USB port. She can “wake it up”, if it’s in sleep mode. If she turns it “off” though, probably not. I always let my boxes go to sleep, or manually put them in sleep mode. That way I can use the remote to wake the box up.

I have 4 of those remotes, and love 'em. I purchased the ones with Bluetooth and backlight features. The volume control works on my nVidia Shields, but won’t control the volume when I’m watching my FireTV, so you’ll just have to connect it to your box, and see which controls work and which ones don’t. What’s really sweet, is being able to use the keyboard to enter searches or other things you can type. You can navigate really well, with these remotes, also! They’re rechargable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries, also!

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Welcome to the forum. I hope one of us can help you. Just remember that when I answer a question, that it is strictly my opinion.
On this, if no one else answers, you may need Tech Support from the manufacturer.
The problem is that the keyboard would be able to turn the device on IF it was paired with it. I don’t see how the keyboard can work otherwise. I would think you would need the same kind of remote you started with. Then the keyboard could be paired?

My Rii8 is bluetooth. It does not control any devices. It works only to type in names and commands on the FireStick and on the apps loaded on the Stick. If I’m playing a movie or tv show, i can pause, fast forward etc with the Rii8. I can navigate inside an app. But I cannot turn on on tv or the Stick itself.

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