Revanced Install Issue

I have tried 3 times to install Youtube Revanced on a Samsung Tablet using 2 different browsers (Brave & Chromel. Each time, near the end of the patching process in Revanced Mgr, I receive an abort and can not go any further. I have been following Troy’s install video. Any suggestions?

I thought Revanced was recently shut down.

Vanced was shut down. This is “re-vanced”, gotta love the cord cutting cat and mouse games lol.

Same mistake I made. Revanced received DMCA take down notices in Dec 22, but somehow they’re back.

In that case they should have called it Re-revanced.

I’m having the same thing happen on my end.

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I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, SM-T510, running Android 11. I had been running Vanced without issues until it was removed.

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I have now determined that my device is not compatible for Revanced Manager as it stands. Device architecture must be armv8 to go through the Revanced patching process successfully. My architecture is armv7. After installing Revanced Manager, and prior to the patching process, select settings and scroll to the bottom, select about to determine your device architecture. If armv8, then you’re good to return to patching. If armv7, the patching process will abort. Of course you can always buy a new device.

I’m trying to install Revanced on a Note 20 Ultra, android version 13 with arm64v8a and am having the same issue with the process aborting during install. I had installed it on my Note 10, android version 12 which is an older model. Maybe the newer phones have a different software or achitecture.

I’ve downloaded it from lite apks and it works fine. Also gets updated regularly. Just remember to download micro g first.

I have followed the steps to install revanced etc but the apk for YT comes with a message to say App not installed as package appears to be invalid.

I dont see the 3 dots top right to select uninstall updates. Seems to be YT apk problem. The patches therefore wont install.

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Not sure if this belongs here but I couldn’t find any category for the Troypoint Toolbox. Also, I couldn’t find any current threads when I searched. I have a Samsung S20FE and was following the userguide to install ReVanced. I had it installed before but apparently it required updating. I receive the error message when I try and download/install YouTube APK 18.05.40 from the Toolbox. Anyone else having this problem or have potential solutions? Thanks.

Check out Troy’s instructions for stalling new pipe. He may have a video of it. I posted that question and he responded with the instructions to install new pipe. Very simple and works just like YouTube no ads.

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Try downloading it from the APKtime app instead…

Hoe this helps…

Is there anyone else having issues when starting up SmartTubeNext on Firestick? Whenever I boot it up it just hangs at the home screen with the loading circle for at least 5-10 and sometimes even 20 minutes? I also update it whenever there is an update available and it still does it. It cant be my internet since I have xfinity 1gig fiber connection as well. Im seriously thinking about getting Nvidia shield pro to replace it but I dont want the same thing happening to that either. Any input is appreciated thanks.

im on 21.65 and no issues (android)

I’m using 21.54 on my Nvidia shield tv pro with no issues. I’m using Smarttube not SmarttubeNext. Is there a difference?

same thing I believe