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I know I saw a reference to this somewhere; but it’s not coming up in any of my searches. Sorry if it’s a dumb question! How do you get back to the kodi homescreen to access the file manager and such after you’ve installed a build. I want to install an apk that’s not in the build I have on Kodi; but I can’t seem to figure out how to get back to that kodi home screen. Do I really have to uninstall the build to install the single apps I’d like to add, and then reinstall the build? I feel like I’m probably having a blonde moment; but I haven’t been able to get anywhere with this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hi @bubbadoo
So if you are talking about changing the skin back to the Kodi default skin?
If so, go to Interface and click. Scroll and click on Skin. In the new screen that opens scroll down to Estauchy (not if that’s spelled right, sorry :disappointed:)
Click yes to the message of happy with change.


Settings, interface, skin, estuary.


No. I don’t care about the skins. I want to install an addon that is not included in the x build (don’t know if the rule for no app names also extends to build names in this group) I already have installed on kodi 19.3. Like, say you had a fresh kodi install, and were going to install a single addon. The kodi menu screens you would use to do that is what I am trying to access again. Also, I’ve added my real debrid info to the various addons in the build; I’ve let it fo it’s thing updating before trying to use it; but it just hangs…eternal spinning circle…

Oh, got’cha.
I’m only certain about the ability to add an add-on from a repository that the build has already installed. You can go into the build repository and look around for an add-on that the designer chose not to have it installed on boot-up; and in that case you can click on the add-on link and install it.
Otherwise, I’m not too sure you can add an add-on from another repository that the build designer didn’t download when the builds was created.
Sorry if that is a long winded answer.

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You can add addons to builds if they allow it. Each builds interface is different. You would more or less do the same thing in the build as you would for a addon.

Adding the url source and installing. Some builds allow it some don’t.

But you would need to go to the home screen. Your better off using the build or just addons instead of both.


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