RetroGames on Kodi

How to addon the Retro Games on Kodi or the Firestick?

Retroarch is in the TP RAI

Please be more specific. I have Kodi 19.3 I looked the My Addon, Install from Repo, under Music and Video I found an RAI play after installed I looked in it but not a Retroarch file.

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I believe @Jayhawks659 was referring to RAI = Rapid App Installer. A troypoint exclusive :1st_place_medal:

Correct. Retroarch is an emulator that operates outside of Kodi. You may be able to find some Kodi builds that are already configured with an emulator addon or two but things will run better with a standalone app.

I believe RetroArch is available through this repository.

bite-your-idols/Gamestarter: Retrogaming kodi add-on repository for LibreELEC (

I didn’t realize Troy had a way as well… How to Play Kodi Retro Games With any Streaming Device (2022) (