Retro Arcade Controller

I was just kind of messing around with some NES, SNES, Genesis and PS1 games on the Arcade tab of Diggz Xenon build. I have PS3 (dualshock 3) controllers that I have connected to my Shield Pro. It seems like I can’t get past the main menu screen of most games, I’m not sure why. I calibrate it with the game, but START button doesn’t move me forward in a lot of them. Do you think the PS3 controllers just aren’t the best thing for this, and if not, what controller would you recommend?

You have to go through the emulator settings and configure your controller buttons in most cases.

It pops up and makes me configure it. It asks me to push each button and I do all of that, but then when the game intro pops up, pressing start or any other buttons doesn’t seem to move me into the game. I just thought maybe I shouldn’t be using the PS3 controller. That maybe the Kodi controller would eliminate this.

Try using your regular remote and push the select button or something to see if you can get past that screen and then maybe the controller will be fine after that. I’ve hooked up a PS3 controller to my Shield and used RetroArch but I didn’t have that build installed.

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Thank you for your ideas. I will keep trying. I have used RetroArch before but never the apps/emulators through the Kodi build until now. I was hoping it would work as it seems more convenient to access the games the way Kodi has it set up.

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