Restoring an add-on to a previous version

Just wondering if anyone knows how to rollback/undo an update to an add-on on Kodi??

For example- The most recent update for The Crew ended up making it totally inoperable and it won’t even open on 2 different devices, yet since I rarely use it on my phone anymore it hadn’t been updated and coincidentally still works flawlessly. I tried going thru the repository looking for a way and then spent hours trying to find a solution on Google, even tried searching for a site that might have previous versions to download but turned up squat!

Or is there possibly a way to backup an add-on before I decide to update something without having to do a complete backup of everything??

If you’re not using 19.4 you need to update to that. Had same issue before I updated to 19.4

I was at 19.4 but I went back down to 19.1 because the “select program” option wasn’t available anymore while watching live sports via The Crew. Now it came back and I can adjust the bit-rate so the live stream doesn’t buffer constantly. I guess I can just do what I’ve been doing and not update any add-ons that are working fine and then only update if they stop working right…

I also had to uninstall & reinstall the addons. I don’t use the IPTV’s on the addons. Good luck getting it working.

Thank you!! I did eventually get it working again, had to do a whole backup of the system that didn’t get updated and then used it to restore the one on my laptop. Just would rather not have to do that again ever, it took for freakin EVER! lmao

I was hoping there was a simple way of doing it, sorta like how you can easily rollback a driver on windows with device manager, but of course they wouldn’t want to make anything simple or convenient :rofl::rofl:

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