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I have a couple of older apps that I really liked. I had tried to reinstall them on my my N’Shield. But I can’t because I have not been with the IPTV Service I used to use for a while now. From the info: I have been seeing, they are off the grid again. Since I don’t have the service anyway, when the app ask me for my username and password, I try to use the one I had when I was with the service. But all I ever get is a network error message. Is there any way I can install these apps using some other credentials ???

You would need to contact the provider for that info.

That would be hard to do. I have had these apps since sometime last year. I was using a paid service. Things were going ok then the service got hacked or whatever its called. When the service came back, they had stopped using the m3u protocol. But my apps still worked. They went off line again. When they came back this time, I had to stop using my apps all together, and switched to this GSE app. I didn’t like it at all but I still had to pay for the service. My username and pass word still worked. When I got into this insider thing I finally quit the service. But I kept the apps. About a month ago I saw where they had been shut down again. Even if they get back on line it wouldn’t, make since for me to try to go back to them. I was just hoping that there was some way I could use the apps with some other iptv service or configuration.

I usually save a lot of the emails I get from the insider. But now I can’t find one. All the inexpensive IPTV Services that I see online are shut down for whatever reason. I just need a list of those are working without breaking my piggy bank.

Someone can PM you but on the “insider” we don’t discuss IPTV services by name. Instant ban.

I don’t recall giving the name of a IPTV Service

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If you got the iptv service from torypont it would be here: List

Now we can’t mention them here. I hope you can find who you where with.

I didn’t say you did. I’m just cautioning you in case you didn’t know. Have a good night.

I had the service for quite awhile. I didn’t get it from TROYPOINT, but it is on this list.

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