Restarting IP Vanish

Lately, I have not been able to get any (or very few) streams to work on my Shield. Now I can’t get any on my Fire TV. Could I be getting blocked by my provider? I was looking a getting IP Vanish again and it wants the price I had a few years ago. Can you get the discount if you have an account?

Do you use real debrid? Are you having issues with their links or just publicly available links?

I’d be concerned about streaming without vpn protection. For several reasons, one being my isp blocking my streams.

I started with ipvanish paying quarterly, missed out on 1 year discounted plans via troypoint. Then someone in this forum mentioned having contacted ipvanish to request a discounted rate as a founding member of troypoint and a discounted rate was offered. I contacted ipvanish support and made a similar request. They responded with an offer of 50% off of a one year subscription. A good price and I accepted.

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Similar to r_higginbotham I did call IPVanish and requested the Troypoint discount that was advertised not only on the TP’s website but also on IPV’s. However due to the fact I just renewed my subscription they wouldn’t allow the discount but assured me they would "take care of me next year. I believe my current subscription expires this summer so if they do not offer deep discounts I may be looking for a new VPN.

I have had some minor issues with IPV when I switched over to the Shield (2019 model) however recently played around with the settings using TP’s latest post on maximizing speed/bandwidth with your VPN. So far it has improved but I have 1G at my home so it isn’t as applicable to other problems people are seeing.

Good luck and hope you can glimmer something from all of our feedback.

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Do you know if IPVanish will offer a discount for renewal if I’m a member of TP insider, but not a founding member? My membership expires at the end of the year and I’m hoping to renew for the discounted TP price I paid last year. Will I have to let it expire and open a new account with a different email address to get the discount?

Welcome dwglenney to the TP crew…

Regardless of your “TP classification” IPV should provide you with the discounted rate once your membership has expired. Check to make sure which offer (last or current) is best and ask them for that price. I typically have never had an issue with them especially being part of the TP family.

Good luck and happy streaming.

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Welcome our community.

You will have q discount as long as you are a insiders. Enjoy and thanks for supporting us.