Resolve URL Transfer

When selecting a RDlink to play I get this Message: Resolve URL Real-Debrid Transfer, Saving to a Real-Brid Cloud, Downloading from Peers but nothing plays. Is there anyone or anywhere I can get a step by step instructions on HOW TO fix this?

Not sure what addon but it sounds like you’re choosing uncached torrents and it’s downloading that file to Real-debrid. Make sure you choose cached torrents only in the addon settings if you don’t want uncached ones.

Thank you… However I don’t see a “Cashed Torrent Only” option in the Crew Settings menu. Just Clear Providers, Clear History, clear Cache, Clear Meta, & Clear all cache.


“Cached Torrents only” is located in the URL Resolver in the same place where you authorized the RD for the addon.

Thank you… That worked! Next question. I am new to this and wondering because Some of the older shows aren’t available through CREW, how do I add another, different add-on?

Search for “best Kodi Addons” either here or on google, and there are tons of instructions with pictures of how to do exactly that.

Using the search, :mag:

My go to addon is Ezra and I watch alot of old shows with pretty good luck. I also use Real-debrid and paid Orion sub on Ezra.

Try 9Lives been working flawlessly for months with Real Debrid. No need to pay anything extra for KODI Addons

Because you already have the Crew repo downloaded, just go to “install from repository” and install Homelander. Very reliable TV/movie addon

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Paying for Orion. Why?

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Just like adding a Holley carburetor to a 455, you definitely don’t have to but it does make it better. Lots of occasions I’ll be looking for something on an addon that doesn’t have Orion coded into it and come up unhappy with the results and then use an addon that Orion is coded into the results could be quite different. Plus alot of cases there will be no 4k links with just Real-debrid and Orion will spit out tons of 4k links. Yeah it’s probably overkill but I was just trying to relay what I was using in case he didn’t get the same results I said I was getting.

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