REPORT: Kevin Costner May Not Return To ‘Yellowstone’ In 2023

REPORT: Kevin Costner May Not Return To ‘Yellowstone’ In 2023 | The Daily Caller

Ya know what? I’m over Costner and his soap opera garbage. I deleted the series completely off my devices and even if he comes back I’m not watching. Doesn’t give a damn about his followers and admirers. He’s ruined it for me. Way too much time between episodes. Adios amigo.


I hear ya but I think the problem/issue is much bigger than Costner…It’s hollyweird in general. Nothing much good comes from there now days like years ago. All the old great shows are now being released or added tp pay services. Re-makes destroy the original intent, political activisim has ruined the industry imho. They have forgotten who made them.


Basically the first 3 seasons were good.
However, it became sort of a parody of itself afterward.

The first 8 episodes of this current (split) season had a lot of filler where there were long moments of scenery, meaningful looks, cattle moving & cutting horses running around in circles and suddenly stopping.

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