Replacement voice remote for 2nd gen fire tv

Hello, I need a replacement voice remote for my 2nd gen fire tv (not stick). There are a lot of “replacement” remotes advertised on Amazon, but reading further in the descriptions, they always say not compatible with 1st or 2nd gen! I did find only one that was for the 1st gen model but it was unavailable at this time. I don’t want the iPhone app. Anyone have a good link for Amazon or eBay?

I would also be willing to upgrade to the latest Fire Cube, but I can’t find a link to the TroyPoint site where he sells one pre-configured. Anyone have the link to TroyPoint sales?


I have found that my regular TV remote will work on all of my fire sticks/cubes and all, Only bad thing is it don’t have the speak button.
I will check to see if i can find you a link on ebay because i am a ebay seller also.

I did just see there are some on Ebay but by the time you buy it and get it you could just buy new one.

I don’t think Troy does pre loaded devices and I don’t think he sells stuff. Yes he does reviews and vids for devices but I’ve never known him to have a “store”.

He doesn’t sell pre loaded anything.

Old outdated and patently false vid. Watch for entertainment purposes only. But this has nothing to do with the original post.

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