Remote communication server won’t start on kodi 19.3

Any ideas why I get the error code remote communication server failed to start’ on new install of kodi matrix 19.3
Tried reinstall a couple times from different sources to
Joe in Howell

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I got same error code.Beginning to believe thats normal.if someone thinks I’m wrong please tell


What devices are you installing kodi on?

That doesn’t sound like a normal error to.instaling kodi… almost looks like you are doing something different? Remote access to a device? Installing from USB?

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I’m using rapid app installer from TP… automatically goes to thumb drive back up storage… tried to do through Downloaded too… through TP though… deleted and downloaded 3 times…same opening error code… doesn’t seem to affect The Crew addon though… more that it’s annoying


Sounds like an error with kodi being installed on the thumb drive.

I bet if you installed on your device it work. Make sure the thumb drive is installed correctly.

Tried to download direct to fire stick…bypassed thumb drive…still had same error on startup…very weird…tried other versions …maybe I’ll try a factory reset of fire stick?

Force close all background apps and try again. You might have another app trying to use the same port. Also try updating ResolveURL

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