Recording on a 500gb nvidia using tivimate

Hello, I have a nvidia shield 500gb and use tivimate for streaming. I cannot figure out how to record programs! Can I get some help please!!!
Thank you!

in tivimate goto>>>settings>>>other>>>recording…and you direct tivimate back to your recording folder of choice on the new drive.

I believe when you install TM, it automatically creates a ‘TM Recordings’ folder on the internal storage drive.

To record a program/programs off the EPG, scroll to the program(s), long press centre button, on the right window the appears scroll down once then you’ll see record option.

Just make sure you have enough connections from your IPTV provider to cover what’s being recorded & any other program you may be watching!

P.S. I’m envious of your Shield having 500 GB of storage. Wish the newer ones had that much storage!

I guess I’m lost…… it will record but sometimes for a minute or sometimes an hour……

Recording is hit/miss - sometimes it will record properly & other times it will be corrupted. If i see the length of the recording is showing 00:00:00 when i go to check the recordings out, i automatically delete it/them as it might play for some time then it will crap out at some point during the recording.

Did you do the update to Android 11?? If so, did you get more than one update - one for 9.0 & one for 9.0.1? The 9.0 one screwed up royally a ton of Shields, including affecting recordings like you mentioned you are experiencing. The 9.0.1 corrected update supposedly fixed MOST issues brought on by the first update.

The stream must be un-interupted. Anything will kill the recording.

edit…you can check a few things that are often a problem. #1 the hdmi cable is often the culprit. #2 network check. A good upload of 10 or better will help.

Ok I have a maybe stupid question……using tivimate how do I set up a folder? I just started using tivimate, my other never had the record options so that’s why I guess I’m lost!

using a file manager, I use xplore, many others us es file explorer. Nvidea probally has a built in one but its harder to navigate. I use xplore and go in and I can see everything on the device. I find my new drive(usually near the top.) and then I go into the download folder and create a recordings folder. You can create it elsewhere some use the video folder thats already there. I prefer my own so I know im directing the recordings to the right place.

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