Recording live tv

can iptv record live tv for later playback the same as directv?

Yes, but not nearly as well.

Using tivimate, you can set up a program to record. You can not set up a timer to record every time a show comes on like with a tivo.

You also cant pause a live show that is airing so you can take a phone call or go make a sandwich.

Basicly all you can do is to set up an individual recording like in the old days with a vhs.

Yes. I just finished configuring my IPTV for recording a few minutes ago.

I’m using Tivimate which has folder set up, so all I needed to to do was insert my playlist and epg m3u’s.
Not sure what your setup is, but a little learning curve and you’ll be golden.

We spend $1,428 just for the convenience of recording news and sports for later playback and fast forward through commercials. Might have better use for the $$$.

Hello, here is a video tutorial on how to do this with TiviMate - Record IPTV With Free Application - Perfect For Android Boxes & Fire TVs

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A lot of providers have something called catch up. It is also called “Time Shifting”. The provider records everything on his end, and leaves it up for usually three to seven days. So say you missed a game yesterday on ESPN. You open your iptv to the espn channel, and scroll backwards (instead of forwards), to the time slot the show was on. Then hit enter and it starts playing. Sometimes you can ff through the comercials, sometimes for whatever reason you cant.

I am having a hard time recording om IM player… Any suggestions?.. Thanks…

Most players have a recording feature but if you don’t have enough storage on your device like a firestick it won’t work

You will need to setup external storage and alot of it to record live iptv.

The tutorial above is helpful but your biggest challenge will be space.

Absolutely doable but hefty on space. Better off setting up a vod style setup.

I personally stream my iptv service through IPTV Extreme, and the recording setup is so easy and great quality just like the original. In the settings it allows you to change the directory where the recordings are automatically saved. I simply use a flash drive for all my recordings (these days they are very cheap) and direct the path to it there in the settings. Now it always automatically saves all my recordings to the flash drive. Whenever I want to record, it’s a simple matter of choosing “Download/Record” when I click the channel! Easy peasy! :sunglasses:

I believe with the Tivimate update 4.0.0 you can now record series, and repeating recordings.


You can, but it needs storage space.

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Does a 2TB HDD qualify as storage.
$60 bucks on Amazon: Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PS4, & Xbox - 1-Year Rescue Service (STGX2000400)

What’s your issue. I’ve no problems.

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