Recording a stream

Useful summary of DVR options in this article.


Ive been trying various options for recording lately. Of course the easiest is on-line such as Philo offers and pretty cheap but I want my locals all bundled with my online streams. Currently testing Channels DVR, pretty good, allows m3u’s and local tuners all combined. Emby is another great one but requires more setup on the user end but very cool once done.
Jellyfin another newer service, all free but a little rough around the edges and a spin-off of emby. Tivimate with extra storage is a great option and so far the cheapest route ive seen.
Still in the un-decided group here but a whole new world of streaming has opened up. :+1:

I loved emby when I tried them just didn’t have a server I tested them on my old laptop. CosmiTV IPTV player from Google play store is another good option with streaming device with expanded USB storage similar to tivimate they have a free trial