Received NEW FIRE TV CUBE today

As the title says, got my new cube today.
Looks pretty cool. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but intend to remedy that shortly.
Will try to keep you updated on my progress.
If I have problem, I will certainly coll on you wonderful folks.


Congrats, lets us know what you think. :+1:

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Wow you’re the first here, that I’m aware of, with the 3rd gen. Please keep us updated on your journey, and thank you.

I hope the next ones to receive theirs is hole lot smarter than me :blush: i It wasn’t all that bad. I got it together and guess what…the darn thing loaded most of my apps from the 4K stick :hushed:
Now have to find all the tutorials that Troy so kindly made for us . Going to add Kody after supper, but not sure if I will put The Crew back on, or go with the lighter one. Crewnique is what I am leaning towards. The speed that it loads apps, it is night and day. But one thing that is new… You cannot clear the data. Even on my installed apps.
Have a good evening, and thanks for this forum.

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Just found that the Cube will NOT allow unknown apps from Downloader. I hope there will be a fix for this!! If there isn’t one already.
more to come.

Did you enable the developer options? Then go into the allow unknown apps and choose downloader and turn it on? It may be like the Firesticks and you have to go into My Fire TV and then about and on your device name click it 7 times and it will say something like “you are now a developer”.

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Just remembered how to do that! Thanks Miki! Should be a breeze now… hope I didn’t jinx myself. :open_mouth:.


Third gen? Thought it wasn’t available until the 25th how’d you get early access?

LOL. I wonder that too. Just put my order on the 12th. wasn’t expecting it until after the 25th!
Got the RAI installed, now for some Kodi greatness.

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How did you get it so early I thought the release date was October 25

It doesnt ship early but its amazon sometimes if they have it and how early you order it there is a chance of you getting it early, im ording one tonight. I use my pc mostly but the cube is good for my kids.

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