reCAPTCHA and Surfshark

I read somewhere that Surfshard VPN had a solution to turn reCAPTCHA off. Is this an option in the Surfshark VPN? If not, is there another solution? Thank you in advance.

I run Surfshark and I don’t think I have ever had to do it? Where is it asking you to input this?

I don’t remember where I read or saw that a VPN could turn reCAPTCHA’s off. Just that there might be an option in the VPN to do this.

Is clean web turned on? It’s the only thing that might help. For browsers there are extensions, whitelist etc.

Here is the paragraph where I read about this. Is this something I should try?

To stop the Google Captcha page from appearing, you need to disable your VPN’s IP leak protection. This is usually done in your VPN’s settings, and it will prevent your real IP address from being leaked to Google.
Once you’ve disabled IP leak protection, the Google Captcha page should no longer appear. If it does, you can try restarting your VPN or contacting your VPN provider for help.

What app are you using that it is asking you to do this? I have never seen this before.

allowing your real ip is defeating the purpose of the vpn and is a bad idea. Changing dns or vpn servers might help. Google knows the ip in use is a vpn and wants you to reveal whos behind it.

Maybe I should switch from Chrome browser to DuckDuckGo?

might help, chrome is google

ever since i switched to Brave browser and just use their search, i haven’t looked back…if they can’t find it for me i don’t need to know it…

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Apparently surfshark is now offering a dedicated ip. $3.50 more a month. I have no clue if thats a good thing or not. Anyone have advice about this?

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kinda expensive but nice if you need to retain the ip for certain buisness.


I tried their dedicated IP, worked for a day then stopped working for nearly a week and then had issues with it connecting me but not allowing access out to the internet, decided on a refund.

Annoying as so far SurfShark is the only one that allows me to RDP to my laptop from my desktop over the LAN whereas every other one I’ve seen so far blocks RDP over LAN.

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Don’t rush to get one if you desire…sold out

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