RealDebrid Conectivity

When I Authorize Real Debrid with the CREW app in Kodi 19.4 it doesn’t remain permanently connected. It did when I had Kodi 18. Now I need to reauthorize RD daily. Is this normal for Kodi 19? Is there a way to make the Real Debrid connection permanent? The app has not been disabled or had its cache cleaned. Anybody else experiencing this? Any fix?


Something seems to ne deleting your data, it does save permanently with the very small odd occurrence where you habe to re authorize.

Try a fresh install on 19.3

Thanks for your reply to my question. Yes, I can reauthorize my account but having to do so each day is a pain.


Hi if the issue didn’t resolved yet.

Try to reauthorize Real-debrid through ResolveURL than restart kodi this will solve the problem.

To do that go to
Settings> System> Add-ons make sure to select the Expert view and Unknown sources is on

Manage dependencies> Navigate to ResolveURL> installed> Configure>

ResolveURL than Enable Universal Resolver must be on

Universal Resolver 2> Reset My Authorisation than (Re) Authorise My Account a massage will pop-up with the link and activation code

Go to your Real-debrid account from PC/Laptop/Smartphone and add the activation code also add a divice when you do that with a minute or so the pop-upped message will disappears this mean that your account is Reauthorized.

Click ok button on ResolverURL go back and restart Kodi from restart button next to the wheel
Wait few minutes than open Kodi also wait few minutes and try to open The Crew and navigate to some movie you will see RD on the movie links. :+1:

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