Real IPTV excellent service

I recently subscribed to Real IPTV after JC Media went down (Portal Home - RealIPTV). So far, this is the best service I have ever subscribed to, having cut the cord over 10 years ago. No buffering, all the channels, movies, series etc. They claim there gamma app has a built in VPN as well. They even have a refund policy. Anyone else tried these guys?


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You have a website that I can check out?

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Have lots of buffering issues with them and find their support essentially amounts to “would you like a refund” rather than any attempt to solve the problem.

As a result I am looking for an alternative.

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I had seen which looks like a vivid bogus Troypoint site knockoff. Is it legit or an imposter?

Do not use that service. It is a scam and we can’t get the site shut down.


I was having some issues with them but I discovered my router’s security software (TrendMicro) was blocking one of the url’s queried by their app. Once I allowed access, my issues cleared up. I’m looking for that url and I’ll post if I can find.

I have a service you can have. Just under 10k channels. No name to keep under the radar. It’s my go to. Built on tivimate platform so you don’t need your own tivimate.

You state the service is a scam. Can you expand on your claim? It is working well but I don’t want to use something if it’s unsafe.

Looking for another source; got a name and link?

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LOL. They are using our logo and name. That is trademark infringement. I would not trust these people.

Me! and I like them a whole bunch! Coming up on my renewal and will definitely be renewing

Is this thread about RealIPTV, or some Troypoint hack poser? My replies were about REALIPTV service ONLY!

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Can you please send me a message about your service?

Send me your email address

How is the lag/latency? I’m looking for something less than 1 minute…thnx

Everything Streaming

Lots of buffering and channels not loading for Realstreams if you’re asking about it. Support was basically non-existent. Maybe it’ll be better on your network, but mine is good.