Real debris fidelity points

I have a question concerning fidelity points in real debris. I have 3000 but when I go to the accounts page and try to convert them, nothing happens. Does anyone know how I can fix this ?

The only thing that happens is the date that your subscription runs out. Look at the date and you will see it has changed to a later date. Nothing else happens. They won’t email you or anything and tell you that you have more RD time.

Thank you for the response, unfortunately that didn’t happen. The expiration date did not change. Thank you.

Are you going into referral Program then down at the bottom where it says “Convert 1000 Fidelity Points to 30 days” Then clicking on the highlighted “Convert” as in the screenshot? That will extend your sub by 30 days and when you refresh it will show the new date your sub has been extended to which will be 30 days from where it was

Bagel: Go back to My Account and try the Convert 1000 Fidelity Points to 30 Days again. It did nothing for me the very first time I did it but the second time it gave me a box message that it had been converted. I just converted 5000 points to my acct for an added 5 months.

Thanks, I did and it worked. Appreciate it. Great forum here, thank you Troy and all who contribute.

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