Real-Debrid & Wrestling Links


I am curious why Real-Debrid doesn’t seem to ever have wrestling feeds when you can seemingly find every show ever made?



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Not a hot item, just like auto sports :sunglasses::sunglasses: I could not get a good stream of a cop show starring DJ in NB from Kodi, stremio. I acually got it from my IPTV!

Real Debrid doesn’t have “feeds” of anything. RD contains VOD sources for shows and movies. You need to find a different way to view live events.

I guess I wasn’t being clear… not asking about PPV, more asking about Wrestling aired weekly on network TV… ie in my opinion no different than a TV Show.

It still sounds like you are talking about Live TV/Live Sports, which is not what Real Debrid does at all. If you mean replays, there are some Kodi add-ons that have sports replays but I’m not sure about the wrestling.

Because you are asking about live tv. You need to look into sports addons or iptv providers which we cant talk about openly here.

Please use our search.

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