Real-debrid with The Crew "Sports"

First excuse my ignorance but I searched and couldn’t find this topic. I signed up for for Real-Debrid. I then followed the tutorial to set up Cinema HD and The Crew (movies). Question: Does Real-Debrid help with buffering in the The Crew Sports app or is Real-Debrid only for movie apps?

To my knowledge it’s just movies and shows. A lot of the Kodi builds probably have other sources already linked to the crew add-on for sports. I use IPTV for sports and subscribe to two services in case one goes down.

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Nope, Real-Debrid does not work for sports links in The Crew. I have the same problem with buffering during NFL games on The Crew Sports. You just have to keep looking through the links to find the best feeds. I usually wait until breaks for the quarter and halftime to do this. Kind of a pain, but it is what it is. All the NFL links have stuff like (6S), (SB), etc, after the listed link. I have found the one with (BS) after the link to be the most stable. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the response. So a paid IPTV service is the surest way to avoid the buffering - ok, got it.

you can still get buffing with iptv fyi if the iptv as an sd link for like redzone i tend to use that as it is better for games i tend to go to the local city where the game is played ratherthan the sunday ticket link i get less buffering that way

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Thank you for the response. Yeah, I usually start well before the game starts clicking through those “NFL LIVE” links trying to find one that works. For a while the (MK) link would work for a bit then start buffering or just close out.

So which app (link?) do you use to access the local cities?

There are IPTV providers that have local networks. I can relate to that comment when Sportz was around. But now that I have a new provider I’ve been watching every single channel in full HD 60FPS with no buffering at all. With my VPN using wireguard protocol I’m getting like 70Mbps speeds. It’s truly flawless.

It’ll help you zero in on a regional local station for
the game you want to watch.
It’s my goto on Saturdays and Sundays.

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