Real Debrid with FilmPlus

I am wondering why I get very few RD streams on FilmPlus or BeeTV on the new Shields. The FireTV Cubes get lots of RD links but the Shields get one or none. I read in a previous post about clearing downloads from RD. Do I go to RD website under My Downloads or My Devices and clear them all out? Not sure if the FireTV authorizations are limiting the Shield hits?

You go to Real Debrid website to clear out downloads. You do not want to clear out devices or you will have to re-authorize all of them. I know that BeeTV is closing down along with TeaTV, so that could be a reason you are not getting a lot of links. I don’t know about FilmPlus.

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How many downloads are considered a lot before I should delete them? Also, what about torrents. Should those be deleted also?

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I had 3 pages I cleared out last night. I don’t do downloads.

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I don’t do download either. At least I don’t think I do? All I do is click on a stream and start watching. I went to my RD account this morning and clicked on Torrents in the top header, and it shows I have about 11 pages of torrents I have watched. Then I clicked on My Downloads in the Useful Links section, and it showed I had a couple of pages of downloads.

I have never intentionally downloaded anything from these movie sites. So, I really don’t know what this info means?

I think each entry in the download list is a link to the source and if you click on the entry under the download tab it will download to your device.

Oh, ok, I didn’t know that, but until this morning I really never visit my RD account page all that much. About the only reason I go there is when I renew, or I need to type in some code for a new device.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Would it download to my streaming device or my laptop that I am using to access my account page?

It downloads to the device that you have used to log in to your RD account - in your case your laptop

So does anyone know what happens if you have a bunch of pages of “downloads” or “torrents” in their RD account? Does too many cause slowdowns? I have not downloaded any of them and probably won’t. I have never deleted any of them in the entire five years I’ve been in there.

If everything still works with your RD account, then apparently the 5 years of download history makes no difference. I delete mine every so often. Those are just a history of what you have watched, and you could download them should you want to. Otherwise, I don’t think it matters.


Thank you all. Last question. VPN on or off when you authorize an app on RD?

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VPN off. I have done it with the VPN on (because I forgot to disconnect), it seemed to make no difference. But then I have done it with the VPN on and it didn’t work. So, to be safe, turn the VPN off while authorizing RD with your apps, APKs, or add-ons.

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I’ve seen articles that say to turn off VPN when authorizing RD if you are having problems. Most bloggers (Troy included) very often don’t specify turning it off VPN. I have seen a few where they specify to turn off before. May be certain applications have different access.

Cyberflix and cinema both updated Nov and Dec running good with real debrid lots of links.

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