Real-Debrid vs AllDebrid - Which Service Should You Use?

Originally published at: Real-Debrid vs AllDebrid - Which Service Should You Use?

Real-Debrid and AllDebrid are two of the most used premium link generators available. Currently, real-debrid is the most popular option with thousands of people using this service on streaming apps and more. However, AllDebrid has been gaining tons of popularity as of late. In this tutorial, I will compare the two services based on price,…


Thanx, Troy! I always wondered about All Debrid, but after reading the article, I think I’ll stay with Real Debrid!

On a different note, what’s the story with the RD Torrent links that say “need resolve”? Is there a way to get these to play normally?

I have been getting a message saying “premium service not available”. Can anyone advise?
I am using FireStick 4K Max using Cinema with real=debrid. Any help appreciated.

Is your RD account active (i.e., has it expired)? Unfortunately, RD won’t tell you when its time to re-up! You’ll only know when it stops working! It’s an easy thing to miss, especially if you’ve signed up for 6 months!

You got a point. I usually put it in the calendar on my phone. I got burned by my IPTV provider expiring and I didn’t save the backup withTivimate and had to do all my favorites over again that’s about 3 hours work.

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I’m with you. Not getting good steams.
I was still using Cinema buts it’s impossible without real-debris working :cry:

I checked to see if I needed to re-up but it said free? I don’t know?

RD does indeed tell you when your account is expired. Just log into your RD account online and it will show the days remaining.

Double check the wording.

It probably says "Premiumize not available (or authorized) ". This is a different service than Read Debrid or All Debrid.

Whenever i resync my RD to addons i always see that message pop up along with "All debrid not authorized/available ". I am using a kodi build if it matters.

That’s clear, but my point was that one has to log into the account to see the status of the account. Most paid subscription services will send you an email or text when it’s time to renew your subscription. RD doesn’t.

I appreciate the fact that they don’t automatically renew, but a heads up about the subscription requiring would be appreciated. After all, RD a site that you frequent. But, knowing all this, I simply make an entry on my calendar to remind me when it’s time to re-up!

So they don’t hold your hand. It’s so easy it’s ridiculous. As you see in my screenshot the exact date that the sub expires is shown and every single device I know of has a Calendar app. So I go into my calendar app, set up a notice of my sub expiring and I get a notification on the day I set. Then I log in and add more time. I’d rather they spent server cpu cycles on giving me a buffer free experience than waste money on maintaining thousands upon thousands of notifications spread over 365 days. So yes you are correct Calendar is the best way.

Use both it’s 3$ a month 6$ n you will never not have a stream . I would use pre massage but they’re just too expensive I like them like I did use them when all the bread was having that problems good luck but you can only for one and you’re only using it to stream because all the bread is good to send other streams to other people but real the British I think the best for just streaming

alldebrid is kind enough to send me a notification when my renewal is coming forgetful as I am these days that’s pretty handy lol

Is credit card the only option for purchasing Alldebrid. Besides Bitcoin which I don’t use. Is it safe to use a credit card? Thanks

I just noticed today on kodi that RD had a pop up message (like when an addon is updated) that said i have 14 days until expiration.

Easy to miss but it was there.

Not sure if this is a kodi, build or RD generated message.

After some checking, its from my Account Manager in the Diggz build. It keeps track of account name/email, status, expiration date, days remaining and Fidelity points.

If you use this you wont need to go to the website to check.

Real Debrid is way better than AD. Last Saturday RD was down and I AD wasn’t working at all. I am talking about cashed torrents only and very small files, 1GB or less. As soon as RD was up and running, AD started to work better, as unusual. RD is the best, period, end of story