Real Debrid vs All Debrid

My question is simple. Using Seren to watch movies, the streams are populated with many RD, but none of AD.
However, when I switch to Cinema HD,Nova apks etc, and stream the same movie, I find plenty of All Debrid.

Could someone kindly explain this to me.

Hi @Dak7385
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Did you designate real-debrid as account location (as pointed out in @TROYPOINT tutorial) by chance during set up of Seren?

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No…I designated All Debrid. But I also have a free RD account, which I cannot use until I pay.
I have tried to pay for RD, but payment refused on 2 credit cards.

The bank say that the issue is with RD.


Just sorted out All Debrid. Every link i click comes up with failed to play. This has happened ever since I installed Xenon with diggz. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Just a wild guess, but are you using a VPN? If so did you try turning it off so Real Debrid can see your IP address. The service is tied to your IP address. You only need to do this when paying with a credit card to activate the service. Additionally, when activating any APK or App on Kodi it’s best to turn off a VPN upon setting it up. You can turn the VPN on after initial set-up.

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Thks for trying to help. Vpn was off. Contacted bank…cc authorised. Tried to pay again…refused.

Will try again when RD is open European time.

Resolved All debrid by uninstalling Xenon dgzz.

Many thanks.

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