Real Debrid very few links with Cinema HD

For some reason, Real Debrid has only been providing very few links where it had previously provided hundreds. I have cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled RD, cleared all devices from my RD account, and uninstalled and reinstalled Cinema HD. I even tried installing an older version of Cinema HD as the problem seemed to surface with the newest update. Any help here would be MUCH appreciated!!!

Have you tried stremio?

I have been trolling back channels for about a week now as it isn’t just Cinema and other RD links that are not up to their usual robust source list. Not sure what has happened to the uploading pool and exactly what is going on deep within the internet bowels. Usually when this sort of disruption happens all we can do is wait it out, and eventually we’ll find out what has happened. Either a major server farm has gone down or a major player is under attack by anything from a competitor to the net police. Unless someone has dark web connections, to get answers, all we can do is wait and see.

Are the ones you choose working? If you were getting 100 streams and now you are only getting 2-3 BUT the one you choose works you are good to go.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I recall something like this happening before.

Not consistently, unfortunately. With some TV shows, there are no RD options when there were many in the past. Also, the sound often doesnt work with Cinema or MC players. I did just figure out that I can now choose the Syncler player, which seems to not have this problem.

No, but Ill give it a whirl. Thanks for the suggestion.