Real debrid using VPN. Multiple devices?

Hey all.
I’m pretty decent with all this stuff, but one thing I’ve never done is used Real-debrid simultaneously on multiple devices both with VPN turned on.

I am setting up 2 devices for a friend that is in a situation where he absolutely must cut the cord and will have 2 devices streaming in the same household…if those devices are hitting the debrid servers with different IPs at the same time will RD shut them down? Will I have to register him under 2 separate email addresses to make 2 accounts?

I know RD has no problem with 2 accounts going at the same time so long as they are both under the same IP, but this will not be the case here. Any have any experience with this scenario?

If im not mistaking, i believe it will only work with same ip. So more than likely, if 2 different ip’s, i believe you would need seperate accounts. Hopefully somebody will chime in with some info!

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I run IPVanish on multiple devices and do not have a problem with real-debrid running them simultaneously.

I still say zero need to run VPN when using RD. You’re running through their tunnel.