Real Debrid & TVZion

Sorry if this topic has been covered, but I’m noticing that in the TVZion apk, that the only way (it seems to me) to get Real-Debrid to work is to register with their “Zion Club”. Is this the only way to get RD links on TVZion? Or am I missing something? And if it is, is it worth the extra money?

Thanks for any input

You should be able to add your Debrid account info info under Settings>Accounts>Debrid Accounts

I signed up for TVZion and purchased 4 mo of the Zion Club. I also have Real-Debrid. I have never been able to get any movies to watch on TVZion. When I choose a movie, the apk gives me a long list of RD sites…however, whenever I click on one to watch I get a msg that the link failed. I’ve tried this for multiple movies and on different days–I have not been able to watch a single movie. I tried to contact the owners of the app (TVZion) using the “contact us” on their website but the email bounced and said the email address was invalid. At this stage, I would highly recommend not purchasing the Zion Club. If I ever get any resolution, I will report it here… Hopefully, Troy may jump in on this since he had reported that this was a great app.

gab engineers - that is exactly my experience (but I didn’t purchase the club) - but I never got Zion to work. So I’ve moved on to other app’s, and now that The Crew seems to be a good option on Kodi I’ll be sticking to those apps that are user friendly. Thanks for the reply!