Real Debrid Slow Downloads

I get that I can grab magnet links from other sites and use the unrestricted downloader in RD. But what I really want to do is stick to downloading the cached torrents on the RD servers. I’ve been pulling something up in Kodi then going to “my downloads” in RD and hitting the download link. When I do this my speed is at most 2 MiB/s. Doesn’t matter if VPN is on or off and all my speed tests are fine. Why is it so slow doing it this way?


I was under the impression regardless of down speed the speed could be conjested based on where the link is coming from. Or maybe the server just went go faster.

Then again I haven’t tried that yet. Remember when downloading torrents and if you connected to a bunch of seeders you would get good speeds? I wonder if it’s similar.

After messing with it I definitely determined it was limited by RD. I could have gone the regular torrent route but wanted to stick with something I’ve already verified as legitimate.

Yea, that sounds right. If you can’t get higher speeds and your tests are fine it’s server related throttle.

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