Real Debrid Reseller Caution

I have been using a particular reseller to buy Real Debrid vouchers for the past couple years. On my last episode I noticed that the reseller (Takevoucher/ Premium Key) was not on the authorized reseller list from Real Debrid. I wanted to use Paypal to pay and there were only a couple listed as accepting Paypal. When I went to the Takevoucher website they were still selling Real Debrid vouchers. Being a little suspicious I only purchased a 30 day voucher. When I applied it to my Real Debrid account it did extend the date out 30 days. A week later I noticed I was not getting any Real Debrid streams. Went looking to see why. Real Debrid had me listed as “Expired”. I looked at my account history and found the 30 day voucher I last purchased was coded as “fraudulent”. I went and used another reseller, that was listed on the Real Debrid website, and reactivated my account. I did email the Takevoucher/ Premium Key seller and complained. It took a few emails but they did refund my money.


Good to know @Randath . Thanks so much for the heads up. Glad you were able to get your money back! Wonder what you said in those emails…


Tx @Randath. I always have problems with my credit card company when purchasing directly from the RealDebrid web site since they identify it as an unusual transaction. I have to contact the credit card company to approve the transaction but it is a hassle.

Were you able to pay using paypal? Where are these approved resellers listed?


@mabert if you log into Real Debrid and then click on Premium Offers tab it takes you to the page to purchase the different length of times. Scroll down that page and there is a link called “Our Authorized Resellers”. If you click there you can select your preferred payment method and then country. The Reseller I had problems with was a bit slow. Usually took a day to get your voucher code. The new one, Kotakey, was very fast. Once you get your voucher key log into Real Debrid and go to the same “Our Authorized Resellers” page. At the bottom of that page is a link saying “You have a resellers code? Enter it here”. Click the link and cut and paste your code and you’re good. Hope this helps.


Tx so much for your response @Randath

hi i use [ key one click ] as my reseller what I found out if i use proton mail e-mail address i have no problems. i have notice when my frends use g-mail address & paypal they seem to be more problems. when they swicth to proton mail e-mail address & use amazon grift card as payment it went more smoothly. [key one click ] will take amazon grift cards as payment, and is alot cheaper than paypal.

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@kingbee5827 good to know. Thanks for sharing.

I have been using streamforus for about 2 weeks, and I find some buffering from time to time so I was considering Real Debrid, so I am confused, why use a authorized reseller when you can purchase directly?

Credit card use with an unknown. I use PayPal with the reseller so my credit card info stays a bit more secure (hopefully)

I always purchase through by that way i can proceed to amazon customer to get my money back…but thank you for posting your experience

Realdebrid has its own methods, use there process going forward.

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