Real-Debrid Payments & Questions

This might be a stupid question but what is the best & safest way to pay for Real Debrid? Do most people use Bitcoin and an anonymous email?

Do they let you use Visa gift cards as payments?


@Money they only accept what is on their website.

I’m not sure of there is resellers for this. I think you can use visa/master gift cards.

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I tried to sign up for real debrid but it tells me to turn off my VPN to pick a payment method. Does that sound right to you guys?

Thanks in advance for all your help



Sometimes some sites detect you using a proxy or a VPN and automatically flag you restricting you from payment.

It’s safe to turn off vpn to use there payment service. I did.


I just used a credit card. Been doing it for a few years. Nothing to worry about.


Thanks for the replies :relaxed: my first thought always goes to privacy and security. I figured I would have to get an anonymous email and use Bitcoin as payment.

Oh I definitely would stay anonymous for IPTV services. But for real debrid they’ve been around long enough with a huge user base that I dont think you have as much to worry about with your payment being secure. The government is going to go after the hosts for illegal activity, not the end users. It’s the payment method being secure you need to worry about.


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