Real-Debrid not coming up

Sorry all
prior question of mine should have asked about Real-Debrid not MX.
I dont seem to be getting Real-Debrid. I signed back in and still not giving any additional sites.

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What do you mean? You need to pay for realdebrid and sync it to your real debrid available apps or addons.

Whats not poppping up? Realdebrid links?

Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account
Delete your devices in real debrid and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

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I went to settings on CyberFlix…deleted my real debrid and then got new code. This turned real debrid back on, but still no choices.

Duh!! My real debrid had expired…renewed…works.


Glad its resloved sir. Enjoy.