Real debrid not an option only or alldebrid

Real debrid not an option only or alldebrid when
I try to install real debrid

On what add-on or build?

You need to scroll down to the RD section or choose URL Resolvers2 if you are trying to Authorize in KODI


The Build is 20.2 the latest

PERFECT i found it and it took. Thank you

Sounds like a plug-in to me!

@TROYPOINT should emphasize this in the guide because a lot of people get stuck on this step.

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Can you please tell us which Kodi addon you are using?


20.2. BUT MarkxG resolved it for me. Thank you

I think it’s the same for all addons that use ResolveURL. The addon settings page usually redirects to ResolveURL to authorize RD.


Yes this Should be for ALL Addons that use ResolveURL. The Debrid providers in the ResolvURL settings are listed in Alphabetical Order. People don’t realize that you have to choose the 2nd one - Universal Resolvers 2 and scroll down a bit to get to the Real debrid section. If you never did this before it can be very confusing

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the name is there (REAL-Debrid) but I cannot click on it so now what do I do?


Once you found real-debrid,you need to go to reauthorize the account.The code should pop up on the screen.