Real debrid issues

I have Real-debrid and I’m constantly getting the following message when I click on a link to watch on. If I scroll down some I usually get a link that works.
I have downloaded some titles from and when I go to watch the show I’m getting the same message on all of the links.
Real-debrid failed
Failed preparing source with Real-debrid. This can happen for several reasons.

  1. Real-debrid is having a issue
  2. There was an issue with your Real-debrid account ( authentication failure, expired subscription). Visit Settings+ Accounts+Real-debrid for more information.
    When I go to settings + accounts it tells me my account is in working condition, however may be limited by the services. (I.e Expired accounts, unsupported VPN) Account type free.
  3. my account is has not expired.
  4. I use IPVanish
  5. I payed for Real-debrid so what do they mean free account?
    This is my first time posting so I hope I’m in the right category and haven’t said a word I wasn’t supposed to use. U
    Can I take a picture of my screen and post it in my question? Is that allowed?


Real debrid was down, should be fine now. Also that error comes up sometimes when the server is busy.

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They were trying to upgrade and apparently were overwhelmed with traffic filling all their comm links.

Hint, check their twitter for status if things don’t seem right like early this morning:


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