Real-debrid issues in Cinema

I’ve been having issues with real-debrid lately. My setup is firestick, VPN, real-debrid, cinema app. Here’s what I’m experiencing:

  • major buffering
  • links will freeze at random times (the show I select will freeze and I have to select a different debrid link)
  • links will play video with no audio
  • links will have audio with no video

Other streaming apps (Netflix, prime, iptv apps) work just fine…no buffering, etc. I’ve logged out of debrid from within cinema and reconnected my account. I’ve cleared cache on cinema. I’ve switched VPN connections (even though I have no issues with other services). Nothing corrects the issue.



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Please see this mega cinemahd troubleshooting guide.

Try going through this for cinemahd issues. Or try a different thing all together

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I didn’t actually see a troubleshooting guide, more of an install guide. Is it a cinema issue or debrid? I usually don’t have issues if I select a non-debrid link.

I’ve setup cinema and debrid on several sticks. This is the first time I’ve run into issues I’ve noted.


That guide discusses alot of common issues. Real debrid isn’t having any issues currently. Cinemahd is known to have problems so I posted this guide to go through to see if it helps, I would try something els and if it works fine with real debrid that’s your answer.

Try VLC Player or another player MX Player, Titan,…etc. I noticed that VLC will bring back the audio in most cases, but I never had the problem with voice an no audio.

Usem o Kodi com os addons certos e real Debrid funciona na perfeição