Real-Debrid help needed

I made the error of signing up to Real-debris with my VPN active. Having deactivated them on both my firestick and phone I managed to get the code for the KODI Crew resolver. This was accepted by real-debris which then presented me with a log-in form + capcha. On filling it out it then rejected my login saying it was invalid. Yet I can log in to the real-debris website with the same username and password. Can anyone help me overcome this problem, or do I simply have to start again with a new username etc and just forego my subscription as a lesson of life!


Real debrid does keep ip logs. Does ipvanish keep what ip you use each time? Try switching to that ip you bought rd with and try again then we know that’s the issue.

But correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you buy rd with out vpn and link it to your stuff turn on vpn and it shouldn’t give you a problem.

I think I have solved my own problem! The way of activating RD in apps like Cinema is to input a code of the form XXXXXXXX into Real-Debrid: All-in-one solution and this is what Troy used in his tutorial for activating RD with Crew on Kodi. But things have changed! The code Crew gives you is of the form XXXX-XXXX and the advice is given to input into Authorize app - Debrid-Link. When you do this you are presented with a log-in screen where the username and password you gave when signing in with real-debris don’t work!
What you have to do is go to the site and sign on again. I used the same username and password. The code will then work. Fortunately you are not asked for more money haha.
Why real-debrid should have two sites for activating their system which appear independent of each other is a mystery. I humbly suggest that Troy might like to amend his tutorial to account for this.

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My website addresses I gave have been replaced with words. For clarity the first one is ‘’ and the second is ‘’. Ain’t technology wonderful!

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Yes that code has to go into that website under devices add new device.

Won’t work otherwise. I’m very happy to hear it’s working so you can enjoy. :slight_smile:

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If there any way you can help me out real time? Walk me through it? I can’t believe they take your money and offer no support! Ugh!!
We could set up a time on messenger, perhaps?

I think most people use Real Debrid through a streaming app like Cinema, Stremio, Kodi etc. Troypoint tutorials for these apps show you how to cause whatever app you are using to connect to RD and get streams from it.
Hope this helps.

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Were you able to figure it out?

If not explain how you plan to use RD. Meaning on what device and what streaming service (kodi, stremio etc).

Did you just blindly decide to give RD money? Most likely you went there on a recommendation or from reading about it.

Depending where you need the help will decide who can help you.