Real-Debrid for use within Torrentio

I have followed the tutorial for adding Real Debrid and all is perfect until I try to add the apitoken. I have added the token at least 10 times and it will not install. I have noticed that the place that I am supposed to add it is different than the tutorial. The tutorial says experimental Real Debrid api key. It now says Real Debrid api key. I know that I am putting in the right characters. I do have Stremio added but it would have been nice to have had Real Debrid added as well. I have noticed that there is no way that I can see to change the apitoken that Real Debrid gives you. Maybe there is but I do not know how to do it. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. It is not a big deal but I hate to give up.

I can’t even get an api code. I get a 404 error, when I go to the link.

I can’t figure out how to generate the code at

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I had this problem until I first installed Stremio/Torrentio on my Windows PC. Set it all up on there, including Real Debrid and then installed stremio onto my firestick and logged in to my account. Worked like a charm then.

Are you saying you can’t get to this page on say your phone, fill out and click the api link? I wrote it down, used the downloader, went to the same link, filled it all in, add the key, clicked install.