The following link found after it went down while using WEYD. I could not authorize anywhere. Thought it was my regular cracker hacks…BUT TO MY DELIGHT after changing every password, like the freak I am…hehehehe found this guy whom located it was down as of MARCH 22, 2023 and why because REAL DEBRID did not re-issue their certificate. In short put your date back to the 20th of March and BOB’S YOUR UNCLE. I am so proud of myself for finding this as normally I am on here begging for answers and help and support so I am giving back to you all for every second you gave to support me and help me. I also thought TROYPOINT would like to add this to his post on problems REAL DEBRID. Sharing is caring.
And to the folks I tried to warn stay away from IPTV that is not from a known source. I saw the law hiding under the baseboards on that one and a few people told me no they only go after companies…I said okay …the signature was in the porridge not cinnamon…yummie…had to add that here as I do not have time to mention it under the security category. I hope not violating anything. Just like a child christmas morning so excited with my find that can give back and bring the unfreeze of no stream to all

Real debrid is working it seems. Its up.

They are giving out 2 days compensation due to the error from their side.


I’m in the uk rd went down last night.checked this morning all OK but I did reauthorize everything working fine

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I haven’t had a chance to check if indeed it is up but nice of RD to compensate their customers without having to be asked! :+1:


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