device code not accepted

real-debrid device code not accepted.
I have installed repository tikipeter but cannto get your code WQKPXBWJ accepted for FEN…
do you have a new code or new way of getting tikipeter to work?

You’ll have to give some more details about this issue, not quite sure what you mean but Troypoint does not give out Real-debrid codes and Fen with Real-debrid is working fine right now.

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The video here steps through downloading the repository.tikipeter file
then authorizing your device at with a 6 letter code whci he gives in the video(July 2023)
But that code is not accepted.

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Do you have a Real-debrid account? I haven’t seen the video yet but you have to have your own Real-debrid account when you do that’s where you’ll enter your own code when you try to link the addon.

Just watched the video and the code you were seeing was for a specific Real-debrid account. You’re code will be different and you have to have your own Real-debrid account to link it to.


Ok, i will get a real-debrid account.,

I used to use "cinema "but it’s not connecting very well anymore.
Kodi does not seem to work the same way cannot browse for films.
Any advice on that?

When you open Fen you have different categories and options inside those categories for browsing also the search function to find specific titles works great. The UI is definitely different than Cinema but after you get used to it it’s pretty simple. If you search here on the Insider, @Jayhawks659 has some really informative videos on using kodi. Good luck :+1:

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I got real debrid which is asking for a code from my device

Can you tell me where to get this code from?

You need to do some research on what Real Debrid is and how it works.

Troy details this about 1/3 of the way down the page.

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Open up the Fen addon and go to SETTINGS:Fen, then scroll down to Provider Accounts then scroll over and sroll down to Real-debrid, click on authorize, you will then get a pop-up of the code you need to enter at Real-Debrid | Application Authorization, you’ll have to be logged into your Real-debrid account :grinning:

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thanks. Very clear now

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Fen was working well, then yesterday although i connected and it is connected to real debrid,
there is nothing there…no history, no ability to search for movies.
what might be the problem?