Real Debrid asks to change email when logging into website

I tried to log into the Real-Debrid website today (with & without VPN). After successfully logging in it jumps to a page that says I have permission to change my email address. It automatically imports my current email but wants me to change it. I am not able to access any other features. Seems kind of odd. This never happened before. Searched the web but found some vague references about it. Nothing really concrete.

well first off…did YOU request the e-mail change?..second… on the accounts page you can only request a password change…

No, I did not request an email change. After logging in it goes right to the page pictured in my post. I am not able to navigate anywhere meaningful after landing on this page. Before this I used to login and was brought to a landing page where I can navigate to see my account and activity.

Did you create two accounts while connected to the same IP address? Did you sign someone else up for an account while at your house? Don’t do that.

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I think I know what happened. I initially used a throwaway email address. My guess is real debrid flagged it. I then used my proton email and all is well. Took well over a month for them to catch it.