Real-debrid and VPN

I went to renew my real-debrid account, like I do every 90 days since I cut the cord years ago. It cannot take my payment because it says I need to turn off my VPN? It has never done this before? My VPN is off on my Firestick (if that is what they mean). And I don’t use a VPN on my computer where I tried to renew my account? I don’t know how to renew now? Any advice appreciated.

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It’s probably because they’re very keen on password changes I had to Monday .

Thanks for the tip. It didn’t work though. I wish there was a way to contact the folks at real-debrid. Googling how to shut off VPN on a Mac High Sierra doesn’t help either because what they show doesn’t match what I see under system preferences. sigh.


Did you log out of ipvanish then log back ?

I was logged out of ipvanish on both TV’s and I don’t have it on my computer. So yes I was logged out when I changed my password and tried to purchase (renew) real-debrid.

Perhaps I will remove ipVanish from both firebox’s and then change password again in real-debrid and try it all again. I also couldn’t do it from my cell phone, though. strange.

Well darn. I reset both fireboxes to factory settings, wiping out ipVanish. Then I reset the password to real-debrid again. I tried to buy real-debrid and it still says I can’t because “VPN / proxy / server, please disable it to unlock all payment methods” I am assuming that this must be on my Mac lap top. If anyone has any suggestions for how to get this off my Mac or how to get a hold of real-debrid it would be appreciated. Thank you Troy for your wonderful Rapid downloader that makes the factory reset a little less painful!

Turn off the. Mac thereby taking it out of the network and try your phone

I cannot thank you enough!!! It worked. I had given up all hope. I could not figure out the problem but when you made your suggestion I thought–of course–also shut down my wifi connection and go through my carrier’s cell phone service. It worked. I am so relieved. I will make a note so I don’t run into the same problem next time. Thank you again for taking the time to make the suggestion I really appreciate it,

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Glad it worked for you also it doesn’t hurt
To reset your stick by unplugging it from the power and if things are really starting to slow down reset your router

I am glad your back up and running

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