Real Debrid and surfshark

I was looking for streams in FilmPlus and BeeTV and noticed I wasn’t getting any Real Debrid links for any movie or TV show. Signed out of RD and back again, no deal. Turned off Surfshark and got loads of Real Debrid links. Interestingly it was only these two apps. Cinema, Kodi and Stremio pulled in Real Debrid links no problem.

I used to get RD streams with these two apps but since an update (?) no deal. Anybody has a similar experience?

Hello @sktn77a try changing the server you are connecting to in Surfshark. Eventually, you will land on one that works. They say that Surfshark isn’t compatible with Real-Debrid but most of their servers are. You must be using one that’s not. Also, sometimes when using a VPN, Real-Debrid thinks you are trying to share accounts which they don’t allow so they will require you to verify by clicking a link in an automated email that they send to you once your VPN is active. You should see this warning when you try to pair your RD account with the streaming app/addon that you are using.

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No warnings but I’ll try a different server. I’ve been using Charlotte, NC but I’ll give Ashburn, VA a shot. Just wondering why some apps work with RD but others don’t(?)

That has to do with real debrid and its https encryptions. Their compatibility lists shows which vpns work with RD and which dont. Ss is on their non compatibility list but it DOES WORK you just may run into issues with servers.

This also may be do to how cloudflair works. I have found when using orion with rd it bypasses issues with vpn because of the ore scraped content on their servers. Maybe some vpn server issues and hosting issues as well.

Also some vpns work differently that may interfere with rd for some reason.

Try the newyork server. Its an actual surfshark server, not leased and even tho im in Texas my local servers are generally slower than NY.

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