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I am new at using Real Debrid but currently have it setup with Cinema in hopes of getting better links. I have noticed it works ok with movies, but shows I have noticed that I dont get any RD links and it seems as if I am not getting as many links as i did originally or non at all. I have followed the tutorials on TP as well as many articles but still not sure if I am missing something or if others have the same issues.


I prefer Kodi with the crew addon. Check out this video I did. The Crew


Your problem seems to be a common issue with Cinema, movies get the RD links but TV Shows are hit and miss, some do and others don’t or are linked wrong. If I’ve learned one thing following Troypoint in my one year of the FireStick4k is this, get your elbow’s dirty and don’t give up!

Read, read and step outside the box, Cinema still works for me, maybe not perfect but is still my go to FireStick4k addon when watching TV shows and movies :+1:

Having a Real-Debrid account is a must in my view and cheap, whether or not it’s the addon your using or Real-Debrid, learn to cross check sites against each other.

If Cinema isn’t working right with Real-Debrid check it against another site, I do with Kodi Matix even tho Cinema isn’t on Kodi they all use Real-Debrid, The Crew, Venom, Mad Titan and Seren just to name a few plus sites that don’t use Kodi like Cyberflix, Catmouse or TeaTV, they all use Real-Debrid :+1:

I’m new here but just wanted to say if I ever have a problem with Real-Debrid I always check this page for a Real-Debrid Server Status Check ((( First )))

Once you know Real-Debrid is either working or not than you can move on to your addon app and dig deeper and go from there!

The page updates constantly on status of servers. If using a mobile phone the outages are just passed the comments at the bottom, it’s just a handy tool to have and start with when using Real-Debrid


294604523eeecd260e1c3cd584cfa1ec1efe5bd4.jpeg Down or Just Me ?

Real Debrid down? Check whether server is down right now or having outage problems for everyone or just for you.

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Excellent video Jayhawk, thank you, read read and read some more and learn, thanks, saved the link :+1:


And I would like to add just in case other folks didn’t know there is a App that you can put right on your Home Screen with your favorite Apps right next to your VPN App that will save you time closing out your Apps and clearing your cache in every App you use to keep you running smoothly without going through all the extra clicks through the standard FireStick4k menu :+1:

It’s a huge tool that cuts right to the chase, shows you what Apps are running in the background with one click, you can clear that Apps cache and force stop it without going through the many clicks of the menu, it’s a must App that I couldn’t live without and moved it to the front of my menu :+1:

It’s called the ( Background Apps and Process list ) and free at the Amazon app store using Downloader, sooo much easier and a huge short cut in closing Apps on your FireStick4k and gaining Memory and just clearing your device, why anybody wouldn’t use this is mine boggling, so simple and fast and doesn’t take up space on your FireStick4k or other device :+1:

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It’s the recommended app by most here. Before posting you might consider doing a search for the topic you wish to discuss. Now your BA&PL must be different than mine as it doesn’t automatically clean anything. I run it, select apps, close apps and then it opens the manage installed apps, and I have to go through the force stop, clear cache, go back and the next one opens to do the same thing.

Wow, nice welcome, new here just trying to get my feet wet and learn and share what I have learned from Troypoint and on my own, hope I didn’t offend you, and please don’t tell me what to consider, if you don’t like what I posted don’t read it, that’s what Modertors are here for :tipping_hand_man:

You say you run it, select apps, close apps and then it opens the manage installed apps, and I have to go through the force stop, clear cache, go back and the next one opens to do the same thing.

First off, when I click on it it shows me what apps are open in the background right away, I click on the app I want to close, I then click clear cache and force stop, it doesn’t go to manage installed apps :ok_man:

I’m not trying to debate you or fight with you Miki, I’m only new here trying to help where I may and most importantly learn, I run my own baseball site from Proboards and understand how you veterans on this forum have little patience with newbies, unlike most, I show great patience on my forum because I get it being the Administrator, newborns have to feel their way around at first then fit right in with time & patience, I’m here to learn, not lead because :+1:

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He wasn’t being rude. It’s okay to learn and be new, that’s apart if the learning curve.

He just ment alot of this trial and error is normal and alot of it has been posted with tons of guides and helpful info. Using the search function is a great way to learn and grow. As everything that has been posted will come up in a search.

I was a admin for a long time and I understand and respect everyone new coming and trying to learn, but it’s always recommended to search and read.

So don’t take offense to it. Thanks for joining our community.


Thank you for the welcome Dracoo, I get it and hope I wasn’t out if line, just trying to follow Troypoint and learn, been a cord cutter for a while.

Dumped my Apple TV for the FireStick4k and just trying to follow Troypoint :+1:

Wow. Nice Attitude. I was trying to be helpful by suggesting you do a search and then you would have found information regarding your issue from many sources. Please don’t tell me how much patience I do or don’t have, I am infinitely patient while others are learning. Now it may not seem to you that it isn’t opening manage installed apps, but it is as you must open each app one after the other and force close, clear cache, and with some clear data. In future perhaps you shouldn’t be so sensitive and consider what others are saying. Oh sorry there’s that consideration thing again. No worry. I misinterpreted a post and the ppl here let me know. Now I’m more prone to consider what I say before I post it. Enjoy our friendly community and learning. Oh and if any of this offends you I apologize. I’m a bit off my game as my sister died today.

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Sorry for your lost Miki, not easy to lose family, I understand more than you think after losing 2 brothers and my only sister in the last year and a half, all before 70!

As a administrator of a great baseball forum with 130 members my hope was to follow Troypoint and learn how to get baseball games when you can’t get cable or internet.

And oh, after 2 tours in Vietnam please trust me, I’m not sensitive :+1:

Thank you. I’m 67 and have lost so many ppl. But that’s life. FYI I ran a Torrent site with 65,000 members. Torrentleech and I were well known and we were friends. I, of course, will not say names. Now I’m not sure what you mean by getting games without cable or internet. Not live as far as I know. Satellite maybe?

I’m sorry Miki, I meant to say most of the members don’t have cable or Satellite but do have internet service, that’s where I’m trying to help them get baseball over the internet, showed them how to get the MLB app on the FireStick but I’m always looking for other options also, things change fast on the internet, tough to keep up, read read and read some more :+1:

I’ve seen what you’re seeing before. Where sometimes you get a lot of good options for RD links and sometimes not so much.

Here are some tips that have worked for me in the past;

  1. Have your VPN OFF when you search.

  2. Then click the home button, turn it on, and open it right back up. Sometimes being connected to your VPN affects search results for some reason. Also try changing your VPN location. I’ve never had or used IP Vanish. I use ExpressVPN and I can change my location back to back and it always seems to affect search results.

  3. Use one of many Kodi builds, also utilizing your RD login.

  4. Setup Stremio using Torrentio with RD like in Troy’s post. It’s a pain to type in your API Token, but it functions very well for me with RD.

  5. Install one of many alternative apps to Cinema HD. It’s my preferred one too, but TeaTV and BeeTV work well too. Troy seems to have removed a lot of them from the Rapid App Installer, but do a Google search for, “Troypoint Unlinked”, (File Linked replacement) and once you install it, add a few of Troy’s top codes and there’s an endless supply of video streaming apps just like Cinema HD that let you use your RD.


To All: Thank you all for the advice and help. Its a lot to process at once but I am going to go through all suggestions.

Thanks for this Ray. I will review and give it a shot! Thanks again.

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