RE: Tutorial Video for Vysor

How do I install Vysor on my Firestick? I get these two messages when I try to connect to my Firestick on my local network.
Screenshot 2023-01-05 121259

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Thanks for the post. I bookmarked this tutorial for future reference. This would be a great tool for those who have set-up several people in cord cutting and need to fix issues as they arise.

…and they will arise!

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Vysor works well when its not bugging out :joy: …I own a registered copy. Its a legal form of a trojan virus :rofl:…or now days called remote control of another device.

Is this a lot different than TeamViewer or pretty much the same?

You need to allow the adb debugging. Once you set up the developer options you can enable the adb and when an app asks for access you can allow it to connect if you trust it.

Anyone have experience with TeamViewer?

I have a little. It’s been a few years since I’ve used it though. Was wondering if Vysor was similar or superior.

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