RD stream numbers

Hi everyone. I need some help with the meaning of the numbers on the streams, some have Blu-ray or 2.75 or 13.75.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Yes they usually tell you if it was a webcam rip or Blu-ray just cam. That’s how they recorded, numbers are probably the size of the file in gigabytes. Of the movie or show. It’ll also probably say Dolby, or 264 or 265 that’s the codec it was recorded in. Basically all the information of how it was recorded and how big it is.

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ThrottleJockey one more question: when choosing a stream to watch would any of those numbers give me a best quality picture, if that makes sense.

The larger the file size, say 12.5 gb vs 3.5 gb the harder some devices will have to work to play them. Also if your device is not designed for 4K picture and you select one it may cause issues or not play. Try different feeds for the one that plays best for your device.

Thanks Tj. I appreciate the explanation of the numbers.

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