RD links Not working in Xanax

Anyone having problems with RD links not working in the Xanax build?? Mine stopped working approximately 4 days ago. The Rd links works with other builds and APK’s. Very Strange!

If your Xanax build was recently updated, you will need to log into RD again, even if it says you’re already logged in. If it does say you are logged in, log out, and then log back in again (i.e., input the code that appears on the screen to “Real-Debrid | Application Authorization”). That should clear things up. Keep in mind that you may have to do this for every apk in Xanax that you use for RD streams.

I had a similar problem and had to disable my VPN during the link-up process. Then I reconnected my VPN and RD was working fine.

I did a fresh install and reauthorized Rd and still no joy! Additionally I do not use a VPN so that is not an issue. Now, today, I logged in and authorized “Destiny” and guess what, it’s now working. Very strange. I will later on try the other addons and see if they is now working. I’ll keep you posted.

Glad to hear it! Like I said, you may have to go into each apk’s “settings” menu to re-establish the connection to RD. Also, if you don’t have a VPN, who is your ISP? Many of us have had issues with Xfinity/Comcast actively blocking streams to our Fire devices.

I use Google fiber for my ISP

Now everything is working…very strange!!

Indeed! Maybe your ISP was having issues! But, at any rate, glad that things are back to normal!

Real-Debrid seems to have gone down for at least a day. Mine stopped working one day. I did nothing… The next day I tried using it and it worked fine. Again I did nothing. I believe they were down.