Rapid app install

I just downloaded the rapid app installer from troypoint. I used downloader and followed the video and i get an error message. "The error message says”Sync of app installer still running or failed. Please try again in a moment,” Any help would be appreciated.

There could be a number of factors that cause this. Most likely a stalled processes somewhere within the OS or the instal file. Best restart the device and try again :+1:


I tired to restart, uninstall and reinstall, get the same results. next i will try a factory reset.

I’d perhaps try to force a stop on some of the Apps you most recently used. I think there may be a process running in the background that’s utilising the OS and interfering with your install. Worth a try before doin a Factory Reset that means you lose everything and start from scratch.

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You should allow Unknown sources, because many errors occured if you don’t allow the source. Maybe you overlooked it from the beginning.

When installing the downloader no need to factory reset, just restart your device then try to install RAI again.:+1:

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