RAI Feature Request (Version Numbers)

Since it looks like some work is about to be done on the Rapid App Installer, I have a feature request. Can you please identify what version number of a specific APK will be installed. I understand this may not be easy when pointing to someone else’s repository and you just let “always latest version” although it would be helpful. Moreover, I’m talking about the files that you host.

For instance, the only way I know what version of VPN Safety Dot I’m installing from the RAI is to accruals install it, or try to, and see if it tells me that I already have the latest version or if there’s an update to my version. It’s been months right now since I last updated the VPN Safety Dot and I’m running v1.9.2 but I have no idea if the version in the RAI is newer or the same and I don’t know any good way to find out.

I appreciate everything you do @TROYPOINT !!! Thank you for all your hard work!

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