Questions about using Real Debrid with AT&T gateway

Thinking of switching from cable internet (where I have and use my own modem) to AT&T fiber internet, which would require me to use their proprietary modem (called a gateway).

While using real debrid, I currently do not use a VPN as I have read that I don’t need one. However, with switching to AT&T and using their modem, do I need to get a VPN for that since it is their own modem? Would they have more visibility that I am connected to RD servers? Or should I still be good rolling without a VPN? Thanks

Firstly, let me clear something up. Real debrid has an encrypted network which is protected on their end, so when you are pulling those links there is a level of security, doesn’t mean you dont need one. ISP providers can still see you using unverified apps to pull links, but with a paid link that data will be encrypted yes. However, you should still be using a VPN for a layer of self protection to encrypt your internet data traffic regardless if you only use RD links or not. You want to connect to RD with your data stream encrypted as well. You want that full protection. People here well tell you otherwise but the way things are going protect your self with any and all unverified app usage at all times.

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Okay thanks for the info. That said, are you implying that either way an AT&T gateway doesn’t make any difference from using your own modem…other than its always good to use a VPN no matter what (no matter the modem)?

No matter what modem you are using ISP supplied or your own, the modem is connected to there service and they can ping the modem back and fourth, they will have access to the modem and all the data going to it. Therefor a ISP can still read the internet traffic if needed. In order to service you they will have to allow you to use certain modems. Nowadays most isp only allow you to use there own because they are firmware locked to their network so you don’t have access to it for things like VPN on the modem and such. But they also have to read data like flaps and ping info to troubleshoot issues.

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I use an AT&T Gateway with U-verse and I have no problems with it. I can imagine the fiber optics would use a complete different modem. At one time I was having a lot of trouble between my VPN my IPTV provider with a lot of buffering and other issues. At one time my IPTV provider advised me that AT&T has learned some tricks to defeating the streams. However lately I switched to surf shark and I stayed with the IPTV provider I haven’t had any problems. As TP-Dracoo said use a vpn.


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